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C64 a Photo

Today’s #dailycreate asked us to create ourselves in a C64 photo. Check out mine below!

Old Photo Create

Today’s #dailycreate asks to share an old picture of ourselves. Check out mine below!

Secret Agent Mr. Eggs

Today’s #dailycreate asked us to create secret agent out of our middle name and the food we last ate. Check mine out below.

My Spy Gadget

Today’s #dailycreate asked “what is your spy weapon of choice?” I took a different approach and showed everyone my favorite spy gadget. Check it out below.

What’s Happen in Suite 106?

Today’s #dailycreate asked to make up what is happening in suite 106. Check out my response below.

What Would I Tweet??

Today’s #dailycreate asked what would I post to social media if I had been kidnapped, but the post can’t be obvious enough to alert the kidnapper. Check on my response below.

My Youngster Literature

Today’s #dailycreate asked to share the literature I liked to read when I was younger. Well here it is.


Today’s #dailycreate asked to list six words that mean something to me and are also hashtags. Check out my tweet below!

Play on Words: Bacon

Today’s #dailycreate was to mix an actor’s name with a food. Check my tweet out below!

Sunset on a Beautiful Mission

The #dailycreate today is “something on the go.” I hope you enjoy my tweet below!🏂

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