Category: Daily Creates


This Mask is Groovy

Today’s #dailycreate is about sharing my favorite mask. This question was easy! Check it out below.

Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone

Today’s #dailycreate was to asking “why the pose?” Check it out below.

Love Me Some Benny’s

Sorry for the late blog post. But yesterday’s #dailycreate was asking “what you can’t go wrong with.” Check out yesterday’s tweet or see below for my answer.

Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming

My #dailycreate today is of this curious and photogenic fish that was swimming around in The Devil Den cave. Enjoy

The Puppiverse As We Know It…

The inspiration for my #dailycreate today came from my fascination of outer space and an old picture of one of my dogs when he was a puppy. Enjoy 🐶 🌎

Making Some Music, Lazy Sunday’s

Check out today’s #dailycreate! I was playing guitar and saw that todays #dailycreate was make some music, so I decided to play some Jason Mraz for y’all. Comment below what you think!

“Tired Eyes” – Shadow Sketch

My #dailycreate inspiration came from me taking a break from preparing for this week’s assignment for #ds106. Hope you enjoy.

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