Mashing Up Baby


Mashing Up Baby

Create a new mashup by combining any two songs you feel fitting for a mashup! You would be surprised at some of the results!
Below I completed this assignment by mashing Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” with Letting Go (a popular electro song back from 2011)

The Work Itself: 3 Stars

I did a mash-up of Post Malones – “Go Flex” and Tom Petty’s – “Free Fallin”. This pushed my Audacity skills to the limit. Audacity lacks some user-friendly features that are either too complicated to find or simply not there. Without further a due here is my mashup.

Behind the Work:

I wanted to try to do something that would sound pretty good together on its own. So after some thinking, I decided on “Free Fallin” and “Go Flex”. These songs are two of my favorites, so at least I was listening to something good while I was struggling with Audacity.

The Process:

To begin I read the directions for this assignment. Audacity wouldn’t let me import any iTunes music for some reason, so I downloaded both songs from YouTube, using an MP3 converter. The two songs I used weren’t the originals, because I wanted the instrumental part of “Free Fallin” and the lyrical parts of “Go Flex”. From there I imported both songs into Audacity. I trimmed both songs to the lengths I wanted and layered them in the best way possible. I also sped up “Free Fallin” a little bit so it would fit better with “Go Flex” after that, I exported my mashup and embedded it above.


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