I Might Have a Potential Radio Voice


I Might Have a Potential Radio Voice

The Work Itself:

This week I had to make my first radio bumper for the DS106 Radio. This was a lot of fun. By now I have Audacity fairly figured out so making my recording was very simple. I tried to use a smooth jazz voice to make my bumper sound legit. You guys will be the judge of that though 😂. Here is my bumper embedded below.

Behind the Work:

The first thought I had after reading the instructions, was the scene from “Daddy’s Home” with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg where Mark Wahlberg sang the radio bumper for Will Farrell’s radio channel. So that is where I got my inspiration for my voice. Now, I know it is not as good as Mark Wahlberg’s but that’s where I tried to model it after.

The Process:

To begin, I opened up Audacity and figured out quickly how to record (press the red record button). Next, I opened up DS106 radio and found the tag line (Your new old radio friend). After that, I wrote down what I wanted to say. I thought back to other radio channel’s bumpers and decided I wanted mine to be 10 seconds because that seemed to be just the right amount. Next, I clicked the red record button on Audacity and recorded my bumper. It took me a couple of tries but once I got it how I wanted it, I exported it to my desktop and uploaded my bumper to Sound Cloud. Uploading my bumper to Sound Cloud was very easy, all you have to do is click the “Upload” button on the left of your profile name at the top and follow the directions from there.


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