My Morning Routine


My Morning Routine

Take at least 3 household sounds (things you hear everyday during your commute, work day, school day, etc.) and take them out of context. Mash them up, combine them, remix them any way you want, as long as the final product does not resemble the things the sounds came from.

The Work Itself: 3 Stars

My three household sounds were crumpling up a paper bag, walking up and down a set of stairs, and typing on my keyboard. Check out my mashup below.

Behind the Work:

I wanted to pick three sounds that I hear every day. Crumpling up a paper bag: I have a breakfast bagel from Blackstone every day and crumple up the paper bag when I throw it away. Walking up stairs: I normally always have to walk up some set of stairs every day. Typing on my keyboard: Most of my school work is done on my laptop so the sound of myself typing is something I hear every day. I recorded all of these sounds using Audacity.

The Process:

After I read the assignment, I recorded all of my sounds. Next, I layered them in a random way to help hide the original sounds. Then, I used the “Effects” tab to insert some sound changing effects to my sounds. I listed the ones I used below. I added these effects simply by highlighting the sound I wanted to change and picking my effect. Finally, I changed the effects levels to get the sound I wanted.


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